What You Will Learn

Be Prepared to Feed Everyone

  • Opportunities

    Ways food and beverage fosters inclusion, improves experiences and boosts the bottomline.

  • Trends & Best Practices

    Consumer needs are changing & event catering must adjust. Discover what's in, what's out, and how to incorporate it all within budget.

  • Fundamentals

    Learn the basic principles of various dietary needs and preferences and how best to meet everyone's needs successfully and easily.

  • Communication

    What information needs to be collected and disseminated, to whom, by when, and the best methods to do it.

  • Confidence & Know How

    Build skills and knowledge to confidently work with venues, chefs and banquet staff to create memorable experiences.

  • Safety & Responsibility

    Understand laws and guidelines around food and beverage and who owns the responsibility to safeguard your stakeholders.

Event Food & Beverage is Changing

Are you Ready to Meet the Demand?

Consumers’ perceptions and behaviors around food and beverage are changing. They are demanding more personalization, better safety practices and higher quality, healthier options:

• 1 in 10 adults has a food allergy

• 74% are trying to limit sugar in their diet

• 45% are concerned about eating food away from home

• 43% follow a specific diet or eating pattern

• 60% consider their health when deciding what to eat & drink

With food and beverage being the largest expenditure on any event budget, there’s NOTHING BUT ROOM on the buffet table for event professionals — planners and suppliers — who are prepared to take advantage of these demands to create safer and more inclusive dining experiences while maximizing their F&B spend.

Every Meal Matters, launching January 11, is THE COURSE you’ve been waiting for to get fully updated on what it takes to order, prepare, and deliver delicious, safe, and inclusive food and beverage experiences everyone will be raving about after the event.

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Grab Your Seat at the Table

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Course Curriculum

A Sprinkling of the Ingredients to Every Meal Matters


Get introduced to the Every Meal Matters course, how to use the platform, access the Facebook community and check your knowledge.

Module 1 — Opportunities & Obligations

In this module you'll gain an understanding of the global landscape of why every meal matters, how needs are changing, and where there's opportunity to create inclusive and safer F&B experiences.

Module 2 — Needs, Preferences & Wants

In this module, learn about your guests dietary needs — food allergies to kosher, vegan to Whole30, celiac disease to diabetes, social and physical needs.

Module 3 — Strategic Planning

In this module, take a strategic look at where F&B are found and/or "hidden" in events and where they need to be discussed in the planning process — RFPs, SOPS, site selection, contracting, ++.

Module 4 — Communication Channels

Communication is key when creating safe and inclusive F&B experiences. Learn how and where to communicate about F&B — website, registration, emails, BEOs, signage, reporting, meetings.

Module 5 — Safety & Sustainability

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on food safety and sustainability. Learn how to provide sustainable menu options while also providing a safe dining experience for all.

Module 6 — Menu Design

Creating menus that feed all attendees — dietary needs or not — can be challenging. Learn to decipher a menu, create a bar that's open to all, and ensure ancillary events are inclusive as well.

Module 7 — The Inclusive Experience

Events of all kinds welcome individuals locally and from around the world with diverse backgrounds, needs, and wants. Delve deeper into Universal Design to ensure your events are as inclusive as possible.

Module 8 — Executing the Experience

Now that we've planned for a safe and inclusive F&B experience, now it's time to execute it. In this module, we'll learn how to cross our t's, dot our i's and check off everything on the checklist.

Meet Your Instructor

Tracy is Here to Support You

founder & ceo

Tracy Stuckrath

Tracy Stuckrath has been an event planner for 30 years and speaking on safe and inclusive food and beverage for 10 years.

As a recognized award-winning event professional and influencer, she's been on a mission to make event food and beverage safer, and more inclusive and memorable for more than a decade. She brings expertise through research and thoughtful analysis and real-world strategies to help clients establish best practices, mitigate risk, improve experiences, and increase profit with the F&B they serve.

More than 30,000 meeting professionals on 5 continents have benefited from her trainings. Her work has garnered her recognization as one of the 25 Top Women in the Meetings Industry and one of Top 500 Most Influential Event Professionals in North America. You can find her featured in Successful Meetings, The Meeting Professional, Meetings Today, MeetingsNet, Meetings & Conventions and PCMA.org, Allergic Living, HR.com and Restaurant Informer.

Since the pandemic more than 10,000 people have registered for online educational programs she has taught for Meeting Professionals International, Exhibitor, Meetings Today, IACC, MeetingsNet and NorthStar Meetings Group.

A MUST Attend Course if…

No matter the role you have in planning, preparing, or executing food and beverage events, Every Meal Matters is THE COURSE that can help you provide safer, more inclusive experiences for all your guests.

  • You’re an event planner who wants to provide creative and trendy menus while also meeting everyone’s dietary needs and preferences.

  • You're a catering sales professional who wants to sell food and beverage experiences instead of a standard catering menu.

  • You’re a meeting organizer who wants to learn how to easily make the awards banquet the CENTERPIECE of your events within budget and without boring chicken dishes.

Give Me the Tools!

I want and NEED these tools to be ready to feed all of my attendees and ensure they feel safe and included in our food and beverage events

Bonus Content Just for You!

In addition to course access, you will also receive:

  • Meal Delivery Service Directory

    Hosting a virtual or hybrid meeting and want to provide food and beverages to your online attendees? This Directory of Meal Delivery Services will provide the information you need to make informed decisions on what to order for your attendees.

  • 10 Weeks of LIVE Q&A Sessions

    Every week during Every Meal Matters (Mon-Thur), Tracy will host LIVE Q&A Sessions and Hot Seats inside a private Members Only Facebook group.

  • Guide to Virtual F&B Events

    Organizing virtual F&B events is not the same as in-person ones. This guide will share what you need to host successful cooking classes, wine tastings, pizza parties and more.

Invest in You, Your Career & Your Guests

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Class Starts April

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

The Perfect Resource

Angie Ahrens • VP Operations

If you have any questions about anything food related, especially in the events industry, Tracy is a perfect resource to discuss trends, dietary needs, and much more. As a meeting professional herself, she knows the in's and out's of what to look for and what to ask for.

Leading Expert

Jim Spellos • Owner, Meeting U.

Tracy is the hospitality industry's leading expert on food allergies & safety and its impact on your attendee's health. Her ability to identify and help you become aware of the various dietary and issues and limitations various people and cultures may have at your event can have a significant positive impact on the success of your event, while supporting your attendees nutritional, allergic and dietary needs.

New Ideas & Practical Steps

Wonderland • HR/Event Project Coordinator

Tracy is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her passion for events management and food safety shines right through her presentations. I’ve attended several of her sessions and have come away with new ideas, practical steps to follow, and valuable resources which I’ve utilized in my events.

Must-Attend Education

Bonni • Strategic Meeting Planner

Tracy's educational programs are a must-attend for anyone who hosts meetings, from meeting managers to assistants, from servers to the head chef. So much of a meeting's value is wrapped up in what we eat and drink together. Tracy is the absolute final expert for anything food-related.

Thank you for the Effort

Tina D. • Gluten-Free Vegan w/ Food Allergies

I have never been able to eat so much of the meals at a meeting, so thank you so much for all of the efforts made here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help you navigate the Every Meal Matters kitchen, but know you might have questions.

  • When does the Course Start?

    Every Meal Matters starts April 26, 2021. It will run for 10 weeks, with 8 modules. Two weeks will be allotted for implementation and mindfulness.

  • What is the Course Schedule?

    Pre-Launch — Welcome & Test Your Knowledge

    Week 1 — Opportunities & Obligations

    Week 2 — Needs & Requests

    Week 3 — Strategic Planning

    Week 4 — OFF (Implement & Be Mindful)

    Week 5 — Communication Channels

    Week 6 — Safety & Sustainability

    Week 7 — Menu Design

    Week 8 — OFF (Implement & Be Mindful)

    Week 9 — The Inclusive Experience

    Week 10 — Executing the Experience / Test Your Knowledge

  • How much time will the lessons take?

    Each course module is presented a week at a time, so you should be able to complete the work and learning in that time frame. You have the availability to complete the course at your own pace.

  • Can I share this with my team?

    Because there are quizzes and a final test, the course is designed for only one person to take it at a time.

    We're happy to offer groups a discount. Please reach to hello@thrivemeetings.com for group pricing options.

  • Will you be covering COVID standards of service?

    YES! While restrictions vary by city, state and country, COVID has put a spotlight how food and beverage is served, so we will definitely be covering food safety as well as service methods.

  • How long will I have access to the course and the information?

    You have lifetime access to this course and the private Facebook group.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee only after you show that you've done the work and made the effort, but find that the course does not meet your needs.

  • Other Questions?

    Send an email to hello@thrivemeetings.com for any additional questions you might have about Every Meal Matters.